Inclusive Lingerie

photo by Darcy Delia
photo by Darcy Delia

As a woman with a regular body type it is hard to pick sexy lingerie when it comes advertised on a body that doesn’t resemble yours at all. When that piece of clothing is associated with a certain image, you buy the look and also you buy your expectations to look like the model wearing it.

Victoria’s Secret has been a giant player in the promotion of body image associated lingerie. When you buy their products, you buy all the marketing built on the misrepresentation of feminine bodies that is no longer relevant to the consumers. And this is where Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty came in to take the crown from a brand that has been leading the industry since 1995. Savage X Fenty is a celebration of diversity and that got Victoria canceled. Just kidding, but it was there to replace it as the leading international lingerie brand when this year Victoria’s Secret has canceled their show. Who will say if they will recover their losses and if they will try to rebrand themselves with new people on display while continuing to be led by the same racist, LGBT-antagonistic people. At the dawn of the realization that promoting women’s apparel on just a single type of body is unrealistic and only increases insecurities in women and girls, making them believe that there is something wrong with their body for not fitting the ‘standard’, people have started challenging this unrealistic reflection of our world. For decades apparel was designed to compliment a very very small percentage of the population and was maintained that way for economic profit, creating a culture that nurtured rigid beauty standards.

However, large companies are starting to learn that ignoring your consumers does have consequences. Women – well, mostly western women who have jobs and are able to afford these slightly expensive items – have become more aware of their social role and have grown more involved, demanding that things change to cater to them, the consumers, who are not all young, tall, skinny, fit. It is as simple as going into the nearest gym locker-room to see that not one body looks like the conventional ads, even though all women wear lingerie.

So let’s take a look at some fresh, sexy, smaller businesses, body positive lingerie brands. Emerging brands have started using social media to promote themselves by also promoting different body types. If you want to support smaller businesses and try something different than Fenty, these are our suggestions. Go follow them and spend your money wisely!