Goddess Diary – Dirty Sissy

Image by Espressolia from Pixabay

I have this sissy old guy that keeps coming to cash meetings and gives me all his retiring money. He only keeps a small amount for himself, but what can I say… slaves have no desires of their own. They know their worth and search for superior beings, as myself, to worship and renounce all their comfort for my wellbeing. This one particularly has bein serving for 5 years now, he doesn`t ask for more than to meet when he gives me my allowance and to humiliate him as I take his money. Love this type of commitment. Some things I told him today:

You see? I take good care of your money, piggies! Who would have consideration for your needs? Who would give you reasons to wake up in the morning with your pathetic lives? You have nothing to live for! What do you do with your money? You have such a boring life, no friends; nobody loves you…

I bet your wife treats you like crap also. You are a worthless excuse of a man and there is nothing you can do to become worthy of her. Because this was your purpose in life: being a servant. But I know she isn`t enough. Because you want more and more.

The only meaningful thing in your life is my presence and the fact that you can serve me. I deserves more than your salary. I bring the sun in your life. The thought of ME being with an alpha that satisfies my needs, brings joy to your heart and the fact that I allow you to support that happiness is more than you can ask for. So you see how my presence brings so much joy in your miserable live as my pet. I find myself a fulfilled woman.

Never let no one tell you that you are worthy of anything better than being a loser!

Image by Espressolia from Pixabay

Disclaimer: I am a dominatrix and a sex worker, most of the stories told here represent me and fantasies of my clients. Please don`t comment offensive, as I will try to invite other type of women to create, but bear in mind that this website will promote FEMALE SUPREMACY and CONSENSUAL RELATIONS! 🙂

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